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Learn More About Awaken Campuses.

The Vision

Get to know our heart for young adults everywhere by learning about our Three Pillars of vision: transformed, connected, and sent.

The Mission

See how we intentionally make disciples that last through our four layers of community, mentoring program, podcast, and more.

The Mindset

Learn the way we choose to believe, pray, and ask for God to move amongst this demographic.

Our Beliefs

See what we as a ministry believe about God, the Bible, the Church, and the world.

Our Team

Come and meet the leadership of Awaken; the ones who carry our mission, vision, and mindset.

Everything we do through Awaken revolves around the desire to see two key things among young adults. First, we want to see young adults all across the nation to come into saving relationship with Jesus Christ, fully living out the commands He has given to us. We don’t want to try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to the Great Commission, but to simply live it out to the best of our ability among this demographic. Second, we desperately want to see young adults get deeply connected to and fall in love with the local church as they come to know Jesus. While it’s true that many in this age bracket are leaving the Church for various reasons, it’s our heart to see this trend change. As the Church becomes burdened with a heart for this people group, we believe that there’s no limit to what God can do as young adults become actively involved in local churches. To see this vision come to fruition, Awaken desires to partner with local churches to reach specific college campuses throughout the United States. We believe that as this happens, young adults can truly be a transforming presence in the Church at large.  

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