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The Vision

Awaken exists to see young adults and college students across the nation transformed by God, connected to the Church, and sent into the world. These "Three Pillars of Vision" (transformed, connected, and sent) drive everything we do as a ministry.







We believe that the gospel is about much more than just getting a ticket into heaven and then passively waiting for that day to come. While we desire to see every person confess and repent of their sin and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, this is only the beginning of the Christian life. From here, we believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit our desires and dispositions can be transformed from having motives of pride and selfishness to humility and selflessness. More than any one worship experience or large event, we believe that a true awakening is seeing hearts radically transformed in a community by the presence and power of God Himself.

Given that the majority of our ministry takes place with young adults and college students, we realize that giving people a chance to start building their lives in a local church is essential. This being the case, we feel the burden to steward this generation well by connecting each and every one of our people to Trinity Church in Indy or another church near their college campus. As Awaken, we care deeply about the longevity of our people’s faith and believe that this can only be sustained through relationships with the body of Christ, most effectively in the local church.

We believe that a real awakening is a “divinely ordered, viral movement of the Holy Spirit bringing many people into saving faith in Jesus Christ and joining them together in discipling communities, leading to dynamic redemptive transformation in all sectors of society.” In other words, as our people are transformed by God and connected to the Church, this should have a great impact on the world around us. We believe that once you’ve come into saving relationship with Jesus Christ, your salvation is not just for you – it’s also for the world. Any true movement of God should mobilize the people of God to fulfill the great commission, going out into all the world baptizing people and teaching them to obey all the commands of Christ.

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